Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review :Walk With Me

Today blog review is Walk With Me, this blog belongs to jovdavid. The blog is using three columns template and this blog is page rank 2. The blog has total of 181 followers on the blog. If you have Entrecard and Adgitize don't forget to drop them at this blog.

August 13 was the day that jovdavid 2 year old son Daniel James admitted to hospital because he is not eating and drinking. I hope her son get well soon, it is sad to see children unwell. If you have message for jovdavid just leave at the message box which is available at the blog. She also has a younger daughter name Dhurianne Angela . Now find out how you can count your BMI.

Overall the blog is user friendly and easy to browse you can see many pictures share on this blog. If you want to know more about Walk With Me just visit this blog.

This blog review for Red 1st Blogversary Contest.

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