Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Superstars of Magic 4 is showing at the Genting International Showroom

Starting this month, the Resort’s new resident show namely Superstars of Magic 4 is showing at the Genting International Showroom. Though we have interest to attend but it's been so long we haven't back hometown for visiting loved ones. We have no choice but skip this, this is on 28 Aug (SAT).
Schedule as following, it's not given overnight stay so it's tiring for us especially my dear that needs to drive in the night back. It's our second time to miss the chance to watch Superstars of Magic 4. 
1.00pm    Transport departs from Wisma Genting

2.00pm     Arrival at First World Hotel     
2.30pm     ‘Behind The Scenes’ Tour

5.00pm      Room Inspection

6.00pm      Dinner at Resort Seafood Restaurant

8.00pm      Superstars of Magic 4 show

9.30pm      Transport departs from Genting

* Program will be subject to change.
* First come first serve basis

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What in the world I do wrong?

So this morning I called dad and he's admitted to hospital so he asking about my children. I told him that eldest son has to go tuition today, but youngest son is on school holiday.

Son's tuition today will end around 6pm as he starts to go playground at 4.30pm, this is their school holiday plan at tuition. Just for today as tomorrow the tuition centre is at rest.

So dad has to go laser his left eye today and on next Thursday to laser his right eye. So I told him that I am visit him when I am free, he told me no need! That's so sad to hear this words from him. :(

Why I can't visit him or worry about him? He's my dad.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last day of #CheckIn2Win, find out more info

The last day of June, so time to update the blog to share with friends on info on #CheckIn2Win, read more to find out... 

Get on board to RM500,000 in prizes including 56 luxury product prizes when you shop online with Reebonz during the #CheckIn2Win campaign that will run from June 23rd to 30th.

The campaign, hosted on Reebonz’ homepage, gives global participants the opportunity to win from unlimited prizes by selecting a seat on its simulated flight booking page.

The campaign is a welcome surprise for luxury-focused consumers looking for the best offers of genuine handbags, shoes and small leather goods ahead of the festive season.

This June campaign is designed to resonate with the summer break and the anticipation of ‘balik kampung’. A simulated flight-seating plan is a perfect reminder of the good times ahead on holiday, catching up with family and friends and breaking away from the norm. Participants can click on any of the seats they like and they will win a prize instantly. Unlike most contests everyone stands to win something, delivering exciting opportunities this summer break.

Any seat chosen from 10am to midnight uncovers a sure-win prize that can be redeemed for bigger savings from Reebonz’ online sale events. However eight extraordinarily lucky participants each day, stand to win exciting prizes worth more than RM500,000 during the week long campaign. Different surprises are revealed every day, encouraging participants to better their luck each day of departing with a bigger shopping haul.

This is a contest with no losers, only winners. You don't want to lose this chance, if you like to win something do take part and get on board this flight to accessible luxury!

For more information and to participate log on to www.reebonz.com.my.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hari Guru 2015 pada 29 May Friday

Yeah notice has come from school so Teacher's Day is on 29 May before the mid year school holiday starts.

There is info on tomorrow replacement class for 28 April Tuesday replacement.

Another info on Standard 6 students that extra classes will be held from 1 Jun 2015 until 12 Jun 2015 for ten days.

The reading program for children standard 1 to 6 starts in June, so parents need to send children to school as early as possible as time of reading session start at 7.10am til 7.30 every Tuesday to Friday.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My car plate number fell

I got panic today after fetch my son, he told me that I lost my car plate number. No kidding, I was like really?! He says yes, then I stop by road side in housing area to get down my car and checked. OMG! I lost my car plate number front bumper!

We were in the car go few rounds the housing area where I fetch my son and found out there's no trace of my car plate number. I says to son just go home to check, maybe it's there. By time we reach home, I saw the black item on floor, I knew it is my car plate number!!!

So now awaiting my dear to come home to fix my car plate number after his meal and shower.