Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beautiful Henna art, for events, parties, weddings

‪#‎ALMHennaArt‬: Dream catchers for the UiTM ladies. Come her here till late ♡
Event 1: YES Fest 2014 ‪#‎YesFest2014‬
Venue: Dewan ‪#‎KolejMawar‬‪#‎UiTMShahAlam‬‪#‎UiTM‬
Date: 19 & 20th Nov 2014
Time: 10am to 10pm
Booth: 58
Event 2: ‪#‎Urbanscapes‬ 2014
Venue: Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting ‪#‎Genting‬
Date: 6th Dec 2014
Time: 11am to 1am
Event 3: Kernival Mega Sale 1Malaysia. ‪#‎KarnivalMega‬
Vanue: ‪#‎StadiumMelawati‬‪#‎ShahAlam‬
Date: 27 & 28 Dec 2014
Time: 11am to 11pm
For Henna Art at events, parties and weddings, simply contact Avant La Mode via Email or WhatsApp.

#ALMHennaArt: Dream catchers for the UiTM ladies. Come meet me today! I'll be here till late ♡ 

Event 1: YES Fest 2014 #YesFest2014
Venue: Dewan #KolejMawar, #UiTMShahAlam, #UiTM
Date: 19 & 20th Nov 2014
Time: 10am to 10pm
Booth: 58

Event 2: #Urbanscapes 2014
Venue: Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting #Genting
Date: 6th Dec 2014
Time: 11am to 1am

Event 3: Kernival Mega Sale 1Malaysia. #KarnivalMega
Vanue: #StadiumMelawati, #ShahAlam 
Date: 27 & 28 Dec 2014
Time: 11am to 11pm

For Henna Art at events, parties  and weddings, simply contact me via Email or WhatsApp.

Click above link to contact her ya. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Urgent need for Blood Donation type B

My friend's dad need your help, his dad named Lau Tong Chuan (age 67) is in urgent need of B type blood donation to treat blood cancer.
If you are a match for this blood group or know anyone who is,
Please contact : Heng 016-2593565
Donation location : SJMC level 5
Please help to spread the news !!! Thank you

Friday, August 1, 2014

I am happy for her

I am happy for my niece, she has got a new car to go Uni.

It's her present from her dad.

Coming back home and going back won't be problem anymore.

Don't have to follow other friend's car.

A new car can bring her lots of joy.

She can use it for future career, job that she likes.

Wish my niece all the best.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to my dear

Happy Birthday to my dear, it's your special day. I was not well last night and I know that today is your birthday. You told me that you want to have family meal together at buffet because they offer free for birthday person but rest need to pay to eat.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Removing the bad apple from my basket

I take it as a lesson, I learn from the lesson. So I am removing this bad apple from my basket. You can read more info about this by click on the link.

They are PR that not appreciate bloggers at all, so I would say they are bad apples.

Click on the bad apples to read up, apparently the PR is not satisfied with my post saying that not enough info or pictures. What can I say, most of the items at their shop are sold, would you want to picture sold items which are reserved for customers to show on your blog?

The PR even most funny of all, I check his profile online I mean I Google it. Apparently these few years he has been switching jobs and non that working for long for recent years. Mostly jobs are range of few months working. He non stop questioning each blogger he saw at the event about their blog stats. I think not everyone he gets to ask. He didn't believe of stats of one of the bloggers, even saying out loud about it to me.

These PR has no respect for blogger at all, though he has a blogspot but never write anything on it. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shop at Pinwheels.my In Support World Ocean Day and WWF_Malaysia‏

World Oceans Day (WOD) is celebrated every June 8th to honour oceans. It brings awareness to ocean protection. It also celebrates products of the ocean (i.e. seafood and marine life).

WOD was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008.
Many events are held around the world to observe World Oceans Day. Events include photo contests, fossil hunting walks, concerts and demonstrations.

A different theme is assigned for the day each year. The 2014 theme is ““Together we have the power to protect the ocean!”.”


Easy! Just shop online at www.pinwheels.my from 6 - 15 June 2014 and 25% of sales proceeds will be donated to WWF-Malaysia. And...we've got a little bonus for you too! You will be saving 20% on every item you buy!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Whose problem?

Do you think that everyone has got problem?

Anyway here's how I feel if one has problem, he has to deal with it. 

It's no good to put their problem on other people shoulder, especially its family! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A date with son tonight

Yeah it's movie night with son later, he's still at tuition as he needs to complete his homework there and revise on homework.

There's something nice for him which is I am going to bring him for movie tonight. I won 2 passes to watch Godzilla and who gets to watch with me. My son, as my dear says better bring him go since he's trying his best for the exam. Though he's suffering to learn, he's more interested in play. :(

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Thank you for participating in the Sunway Pals Plan Your Day Contest! We have reviewed your plans and you are close to winning that Sunway Lagoon tickets, shopping spree in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, and a beautiful room at the Pyramid Tower Hotel for you and your pal.

MMM.. this mean I no win?! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Parents forget give him pocket money

Wow never comes to my mind that they are parents that forgot to give their children pocket money. Worst is the children are not below 12 years old anymore and never bother to ask the parents. Children finished SPM and going to enroll for college, should know that money is important, no money how can you survive in the city?

Unless you don't need to spend money at all, that's awesome, so you no need eat at all?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Not feeling well

Yeah this morning not feeling well, since I have date with son's classmate mom. I told her that is okay I eat other food, not the char kue tiao as stomach not well.

She too not feeling well, she has headache, she ordered chicken rice. I had the pao.

We chatted happily around 12noon, one of the stall says there is MPSJ, we hurry walk away, as her car not yet put parking ticket.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

You think you know everything?

I can't believe it someone was thinking that she knows everything. lol

Anyway I don't care I just be myself and do what I love.

They didn't ask and they have alot guessing. So they think they know everything.

True friend .. won't do that...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life is short

Yesterday I found out that my friend's father in law passed away on last Saturday. He was suffering from cancer it was last stage of cancer. 

This morning found out one blogger passed away, I don't know her but my blogger friends know her. 

Let's cherish every moment with love ones. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Clinelle giveaway

I love blogging and I have my blog followers, so I am sharing my skin care with my blog followers. You can find out how to win the Clinelle skin care by click on the link.

There's other lovely giveaway on these blogs too.

good luck.

Monday, March 3, 2014

New giveaway in blog

I love giveaway and you can try to win the prize by checking out namesherry.com and www.mymomsbest.us

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who is she?

I don't know why some girls in restroom do not bother about others. They so openly saying that one of them carrying RM4,000 cash. Wow it is crazy who will carry so much cash out in the shopping mall? I never bring or own this much cash. Anyway I think the girls must be heading for shopping expensive brands.

I don't know them, but I find that it is dangerous to speak in public restroom about how much they have in their hand bags.

By the way check out giveaway in


and watch video Wushu which I attended at Mydin Mall.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I won regular passes/Top Commentator Contest is ON

There are two Top Commentator Contests going on so check out

I have won 2 regular movies

Kindly respond this email by 12th January with some details to redeem your

NRIC/Passport #:
Contact number:
Current postal address:
Method of ticket redemption (choose 1 or 2):

There are 2 ways to redeem your tix :-
(1) have them posted to your postbox or
(2) drop by our office to say hi!

If you choose (2), here are some details:
Monday to Friday, 10AM-7PM Ready for collection anytime from 15th January
(please inform us first that you will be collecting so we can get it ready
for you)

The SAYS Secret Hideout (check out our Facebook page here)
Lot 7.08B, Level 7, 1 Tech Park, Tanjung Bandar Utama Bandar Utama, 47800,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor