Friday, June 27, 2014

Removing the bad apple from my basket

I take it as a lesson, I learn from the lesson. So I am removing this bad apple from my basket. You can read more info about this by click on the link.

They are PR that not appreciate bloggers at all, so I would say they are bad apples.

Click on the bad apples to read up, apparently the PR is not satisfied with my post saying that not enough info or pictures. What can I say, most of the items at their shop are sold, would you want to picture sold items which are reserved for customers to show on your blog?

The PR even most funny of all, I check his profile online I mean I Google it. Apparently these few years he has been switching jobs and non that working for long for recent years. Mostly jobs are range of few months working. He non stop questioning each blogger he saw at the event about their blog stats. I think not everyone he gets to ask. He didn't believe of stats of one of the bloggers, even saying out loud about it to me.

These PR has no respect for blogger at all, though he has a blogspot but never write anything on it. 

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