Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cooking steps

I love blogging and contest, now I have spend less time on blogging and contest because I want to spend more time with loved one. I also learn to cook meals for my loved one, I know how to cook just that sometimes you don’t cook for long time you tend to forgot the steps. Many vegetables and names of ingredient I don’t know I know them but I don’t know the name, how often do you pay attention to their names?
Cooking is fun and challenge to when you need to think of what meal you want to cook for them that are healthy and balance in life. It is not just the indoor activities important but also the outdoor activities like going to play ground, park, and beach. I am sure you know that you can never buy nature, it is important for us to recycle what we have instead of buying them.
I am still in process of cleaning my place, so many things I need to re-arrange and it is not easy task being stay at home. There is unfinished job always and you learning everyday in life. Life is short cherish your loved one, do what you have in mind such as visit relatives that you have interest.