Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: It's Not Always About Me

Today blog review is It's Not Always About Me, this blog belongs to Yuuki. This blog is not always about Yuuki but mostly it is. Yuuki has seen The Last AirBender you can find her sharing info of this movie with you. The blog is using three columns template. I like Yuuki Pinky purchases, you can see it on her blog.

Instead of just movie she has done some shopping. The blog is page rank two with 97 followers on the blog. If you have a chat just leave message at the message box at the side bar. If you have Entrecard and Adgitize don't forget to drop them at this blog. Yuuki updates her blog at least once a week.

Yuuki is busy blogger she has more than three blogs to update. If you want to know more about Yuuki just visit her blog. She has another blog name Drama Queen.

This blog review for Red 1st Blogversary Contest.

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