Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Topics On Earth

Today blog review is Topics on Earth, this blog belongs to Rossel. Roseel is businesswoman and blogger from Philippines. This blog is using three columns template and has total of 176 followers on the blog. The blog is page rank two and it is my first time to visit this blog. This blog is part of BC bloggers.

I like to visit this blog often they are some nice pictures share on this blog. Rossel also likes to take part in meme of Tuesday Couch Potato. I saw many movies posted by Rossel and I watched this movie before the Fly. I don't know if Rossel has seen the Fly 2 of this movie.

You can find out who are the Top Ten Commentators at her blog. If you have Entrecard don't forget to drop them at this blog. The blog is user friendly and easy to browse. I see this blog has Adgitize but there is not available for drop Adgitize at the blog.

This blog review is for Red 1st Blogversary Contest.

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