Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Caffeinated Muse

Today blog review is Caffeinated Muse, this blog belongs to Mommy Rubz. She is mommy of three wonderful children, Mommy Rubz is 100% blogaholic and she is certified Filipina SAHM. She always has a mug of coffee by her side where she works. This blog is using three columns template, I like the header of this blog that comes with hot mug of coffee.

Mommy Rubz shares with you the BO's Coffee that she has Mocha Frappucino there. If you are heading to SM City, Bacolod you can check out this BO's Coffee. If you have message leave a message at the chat box it is located at the left bar of the blog.

You can find out why failed movie date Mommy Rubz with her hubby turn out nice for her. They not able to watch the movie they wanted but they have great time together. Now this blog has 29 followers including me  if you want to read more about Caffeinated Muse just visit the blog.

This blog review is for Red 1st Blogversary Contest.

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