Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Pretty Things in Life

Today blog review is Pretty Things in Life, this blog belongs to Vernz. Vernz has a few blogs to maintain and this blog is Pretty Things in Life that Vernz share about her pretty awesome things in a teacher's life. This blog using three columns template with 40 followers on the blog including me. I find this post interesting to read about lipsticks prints on school mirrors. Over here I know that students not allow to bring mirror, unless you are studying in college you can do that. I remember seeing lip prints even in the toilet, so disgusting how one girl dare to kiss the wall of the toilet or the door? Imagine how often you go toilet and how often toilet is being washed.

Vern trying to update her blog at least once a week. Vernz two year old son is very cute, just click on the picture to view. To read more about Pretty Things in Life visit this blog.

This blog review is for Red 1st Blogversary contest.

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