Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review: MommaWannabe

My blogger friend Jade is currently in Hong Kong, yeah MommaWannabe in Hong Kong with her hubby to celebrate their 7 years of Anniversary. If you want to know about her Macau Trip, you got to visit her blog on next Tuesday. I am going to visit Jade's blog again to find out her Hong Kong- Macau Trip. I have not been to Macau before.

I like MommaWannabe new blog header, so lovely in Pink. This is a blog for Jade to blog about her journey to motherhood through IVF, ICSI. Jade and her hubby are living in Singapore. Jade is a friendly blogger and you can feel free to visit her blog. 

There is a post that caught my attention, Jade's friend name Niko who is trying to raise fund for her baby Daniel. Everyone can help baby Daniel he needs $60,000 for his liver transplant operation at Chang Gung Hospital in Taiwan November 24, 2009. Daniel is six months old baby who needs your help. If you like to make a donation just click on the above link to find out how.

If you have experienced in IVF, you can always visit to Jade's blog to share your experienced with her.

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