Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rosa's baby blog

I love blogging and contest, I get to know Rosa from a contest. We were very active in competiting in the contest. Now I like to share with you Rosa's baby blog, Inna's Wishful Thinking. I love this blog there are pictures of Rosa's baby. Her baby's name Inna Vernonica Muth. She is so cute she has got curly hair.

To know about Inna development we need to visit her blog. Rosa is one mama of little princess, from birth until now she is caring for her daughter. I love this blog where we can read updates of her baby.

Time flied, Inna is going to be 2 year old this November. I wonder how they are going to celebrate her birthday. Inna is so lucky to have her mama blogging for her. Keep up the good work Rosa, I am sure when she is able to read and write she will be a blogger too.

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