Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Win $500 and iPod Nano@Roseate Marketing Tips

I love my sister and now she is not coming back, I have to be the one to take care of her things. I am hoping to win this contest so that I can use the money to help my sister. This contest is where you stand the chance to win $500 Cash and iPod Nano, this contest is held at Roseate Marketing Tips. I have to work hard for this contest as it is based on points. The person who has the highest points will be the one to get away with $500 cash and iPod Nano!

How to earn points?

- Blog about the contest and link to home page of Roseate Marketing Tips - (5 points each site)

- Post any other blog post of Roseate Marketing Tips and link to it - (5 points each site)

- Stumble, digg, reddit, technorati, etc.. ie; bookmark this post at any social bookmark site (3 points each site)

- Bookmark any other post at any socialbookmark site (3 points each site)

- Add Roseate Marketing Tips blog to your blogroll (4 points)

- Comment at any of Roseate posts (not spam!) (3 points)

This contest will ends soon, if you wanna to know more just click on the link above.

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